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Symbols - terms and secret societies

To penetrate religion and myth one needs to understand Symbols language ands terms. Within language all codes of truth can be found. Language is a construction and this construction is made for several reasons.
One being to communicate in everyday life another is to carry a code from one person to another. Or from one initiate to another. This initiate could be a freemason or someone initiated into other religious orders such as Sufi religion, rosicrucians and so on.

The Jews claim that their language is the letters of god and that his name cannot be uttered. This means that Hebrew language is the chief code of esoteric language, secrets and secret history. And in fact the Hebrews carried a lot of knowlegde out of eygpt at the time of Moses.
Anyone wanting to understand kaballah (the language and rites on which freemasonry is based) one cannot escape Hebrew.

Sir Francis Bacon was the chief inventer of the new esoteric language of the world!
This is ofcourse the english language.
The name Britain comes from the hebrew word b'rith which means covernant or contract. But contract with who? With the high priests of the Jewish religion ofcourse. B'nai B'rith means the brotherhood of the covernant/contract. Telling you that the hebrews and the english monarch made a deal.
Becoming the ruling nation of the world through freemasonry the english language was constructed to carry esoteric or hidden meaning. Secrets that was only for the initiated and the high priests of what ever religion since they all on the backside worship the same deities.

Symbols hold the visual hidden knowledge of the esoteric language and can be understood by all initiates since they all have the same refference. That refference being the old religion of Egypt.
The religion you have heard tons about through discovery channel but have no clue what is about. And let me tell you. Some of the "scary" symbols of some of the secret societies are so obvious you vomit from it's simplicity.

In the next article I will show you a very cleverly disguised symbol used by the catholic church!

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