lørdag den 4. oktober 2008

The sOn/sUn of Cairo

Jesus being a refference to religion in egypt (Cairo). We need to establish who he is.
If he is the son/sun of Cairo then he would be the same sun as you and I see every day right?

Christ also bears the title I.N.R.I and as usual there is a "truth" given to the christian masses and an esoteric truth only known to the initiated of higher level.
So How do I know? I studied religion in search for truth. This blog is a statement of what I found.

People into kaballah will also be familiar with gemetria code. This code is a system of fusing letters, terms and numbers. Look at this isisian code made by a luciferian freemason.

As you can see different numbers can create a code for a sequence of letters - words - sentences.

Now if you add up the numbers of I. (9), N (14), R (2) and I (9) you will get 365!

The way to add them is for the I: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

And so on..

Add these numbers together and you will get 365. Now 365 and 366 as numbers are refferences to the sun as a year is 365 days or 366 days on a leap year.

So I.N.R.I = 365/366 = the sun.

Egypt is known for sun worship. But what they don't tell you is that it might not be the sun you know as the sun.

The word "sol" which is the latin term for the sun actually in ancient times was the name for saturn, at least according to Velikovsky one of the few truth-tellers of this world. If you can look into his work!

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