søndag den 5. oktober 2008

The Ankh, Anchor, Tau and Cross

Term, symbols and names will often have it's root in Egypt, as Egypt is the home of the "construct". With this I mean the construct of reality - our surroundings.
This being everything from words and sounds, construction of religion and even bulidings.
Everything we have in architecture is based on the knowledge found in Egypt. Even the word "ark" or Arch comes from Egypt.
Here are some interrelated symbols all based on egyptian culture/symbology.

Notice the small difference between the "ankh" and the "anchor".

And then the Tau ("T") cross and the christian cross.

Jesus Crucufixion L.Cranach the Elder 1472

An old saying says: "All roads lead to Rome" but actually when you get to Rome and the Vatican, the road leads on to Egypt!

lørdag den 4. oktober 2008

The sOn/sUn of Cairo

Jesus being a refference to religion in egypt (Cairo). We need to establish who he is.
If he is the son/sun of Cairo then he would be the same sun as you and I see every day right?

Christ also bears the title I.N.R.I and as usual there is a "truth" given to the christian masses and an esoteric truth only known to the initiated of higher level.
So How do I know? I studied religion in search for truth. This blog is a statement of what I found.

People into kaballah will also be familiar with gemetria code. This code is a system of fusing letters, terms and numbers. Look at this isisian code made by a luciferian freemason.

As you can see different numbers can create a code for a sequence of letters - words - sentences.

Now if you add up the numbers of I. (9), N (14), R (2) and I (9) you will get 365!

The way to add them is for the I: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

And so on..

Add these numbers together and you will get 365. Now 365 and 366 as numbers are refferences to the sun as a year is 365 days or 366 days on a leap year.

So I.N.R.I = 365/366 = the sun.

Egypt is known for sun worship. But what they don't tell you is that it might not be the sun you know as the sun.

The word "sol" which is the latin term for the sun actually in ancient times was the name for saturn, at least according to Velikovsky one of the few truth-tellers of this world. If you can look into his work!

Christ, Windows XP and Cairo

First off these three thing don't seem to be related unless Bill Gates is a christian and made his windows system XP in Cairo.
But I will let you in on a little secret, which I might get cruisified for!

In Greek we're told that the first two letters of the name christ is XP, and it was the first symbol of the "hunted" early christians.
In Greek the letters "X" and "P" are pronounced: Chi Rho

Chi Rho is pronounced CAIRO (yes the city in egypt with the pyramids - Giza plateau)

So Christ is actually a refference to egypt and the religion of it.

If you look in the bible ("bib"= papyrus - "le" pronounced EL =papyrus of EL) you will see that Christ is reffered to as the chief cornerstone.
A chief cornerstone is the top pyramid shaped stone on top of a - well pyramid ofcourse :-)

Symbols - terms and secret societies

To penetrate religion and myth one needs to understand Symbols language ands terms. Within language all codes of truth can be found. Language is a construction and this construction is made for several reasons.
One being to communicate in everyday life another is to carry a code from one person to another. Or from one initiate to another. This initiate could be a freemason or someone initiated into other religious orders such as Sufi religion, rosicrucians and so on.

The Jews claim that their language is the letters of god and that his name cannot be uttered. This means that Hebrew language is the chief code of esoteric language, secrets and secret history. And in fact the Hebrews carried a lot of knowlegde out of eygpt at the time of Moses.
Anyone wanting to understand kaballah (the language and rites on which freemasonry is based) one cannot escape Hebrew.

Sir Francis Bacon was the chief inventer of the new esoteric language of the world!
This is ofcourse the english language.
The name Britain comes from the hebrew word b'rith which means covernant or contract. But contract with who? With the high priests of the Jewish religion ofcourse. B'nai B'rith means the brotherhood of the covernant/contract. Telling you that the hebrews and the english monarch made a deal.
Becoming the ruling nation of the world through freemasonry the english language was constructed to carry esoteric or hidden meaning. Secrets that was only for the initiated and the high priests of what ever religion since they all on the backside worship the same deities.

Symbols hold the visual hidden knowledge of the esoteric language and can be understood by all initiates since they all have the same refference. That refference being the old religion of Egypt.
The religion you have heard tons about through discovery channel but have no clue what is about. And let me tell you. Some of the "scary" symbols of some of the secret societies are so obvious you vomit from it's simplicity.

In the next article I will show you a very cleverly disguised symbol used by the catholic church!

The Grim Reaper

The planet or god Saturn is one of the best kept truths/mysteries kept from manking. Yet alone logic will always show the curious mind connections in esoteric construct. Esoteric meaning hidden!
Let's look at Saturn/El/Kronos/Yaweh/Allah the god of agriculture.

As Saturn he's is depicted holding a scythe. As a god of acriculture this would be his symbol. But As you do not know and hidden from humanity through time this deity used to be alive but later died, as some of the stories about him will reveal. What this means is that the planet Saturn was alive and then died!
How this is possible I will show later on.

But being alive and later dead he would be depicted in 2 versions. One being alive with a long gray beard and later on as dead - a skull and bones guy - a corps.
Now look at the pictures:

(Saturn/Kronos/El etc. alive)

(Saturn/Kronos/El being dead. Notice that he kept his scythe to identify him. )

So how was Saturn/Kronos/El live and then die? well it's really easy. How can a planet be alive and then die?
There's only one way. That way is by Saturn being a sun or like a sun sending out light that is really easy to observe from earth without any use of technology. Being dead he ofcourse didn't light up the sky.
It may sound strange but again. Why would all these religions choose the same planet as their cheif deity if it was not at all visible? Saturn have clearly been visible from earth. In fact so visible he would be the chief deity topping off the "regular" sun.
If you look into ancient religion, texts, hymns, stories and symbols you will find that this place called earth presented to you by the establishment looked very different in ancient times than what they want you to believe!
Saturn once was a planet radiating visibly in the sky - then for some reason he died!
The stories about Kronos and the god Saturn are clearly evidence of this. Read these stories on the internet and keep in mind that these stories reflect the gods of the sky - the planets in our solarsystem.

Aspects of the construct - identifying the deities

(is this god - the supreme deity - or?)

To fully understand the basic construct of your percieved reality, it's important to understand that ALL religion is actually the same story given to you in different varities according to geografic and cultural differences. Ofcourse the "construct" mostly have shaped culture and art.
What I'm saying is that all religion is the same all over the world. The chief deities are all the same one or 2.
Let's have a look at the deities:

The semitic God El.
(from british enclypedia 2008)
"His most common epithet was “the Bull,” but he was also sometimes called “Creator/Possessor of Heaven and Earth"
"He was the equivalent of the Hurrian god Kumarbi and the Greek god Cronus. In the Old Testament, El is commonly used as a synonym for Yaweh."(The semitic god El)

So the god El is Yaweh of the bible and the Greek god Cronus/kronos/chronos. By now the same god is actually several gods. Let's look a little further in the encyclopedia.

The god Cronus:

"he was later identified with the Roman god Saturn. Cronus' functions were connected with agriculture; in Attica his festival, the Kronia, celebrated the harvest and resembled the Saturnalia. In art he was depicted as an old man holding an implement, probably originally a sickle but interpreted as a harpē, or curved sword."

So El who is Yaweh and Kronos is also the god roman god Saturn. Saturn ofcourse being a planet or star. Amasing all these gods of major religions actually being a representation of saturn.

(Kronos/Cronus/El/Saturn .. notice the scythe)

( Rubens picture of the planet/god Saturn)

Unfortunately I cannot show you the picture of the last deity. His noame is Allah. But let's look at what British Encyclopedia writes about Allah. Let me stress this is not me but Quotes from the encyclopedia!!


"The name's origin can be traced back to the earliest Semitic writings in which the word for god was Il or El, the latter being an Old Testament synonym for Yahweh. Allāh is the standard Arabic word for “God” and is used by Arab Christians as well as by Muslims."

Almost comming full circle of all the major religions of the world and without getting into old esoteric writings we have one planet/deity covering for all. Or should we say all religions covering over being worship of saturn.