lørdag den 4. oktober 2008

Christ, Windows XP and Cairo

First off these three thing don't seem to be related unless Bill Gates is a christian and made his windows system XP in Cairo.
But I will let you in on a little secret, which I might get cruisified for!

In Greek we're told that the first two letters of the name christ is XP, and it was the first symbol of the "hunted" early christians.
In Greek the letters "X" and "P" are pronounced: Chi Rho

Chi Rho is pronounced CAIRO (yes the city in egypt with the pyramids - Giza plateau)

So Christ is actually a refference to egypt and the religion of it.

If you look in the bible ("bib"= papyrus - "le" pronounced EL =papyrus of EL) you will see that Christ is reffered to as the chief cornerstone.
A chief cornerstone is the top pyramid shaped stone on top of a - well pyramid ofcourse :-)

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