lørdag den 4. oktober 2008

The Grim Reaper

The planet or god Saturn is one of the best kept truths/mysteries kept from manking. Yet alone logic will always show the curious mind connections in esoteric construct. Esoteric meaning hidden!
Let's look at Saturn/El/Kronos/Yaweh/Allah the god of agriculture.

As Saturn he's is depicted holding a scythe. As a god of acriculture this would be his symbol. But As you do not know and hidden from humanity through time this deity used to be alive but later died, as some of the stories about him will reveal. What this means is that the planet Saturn was alive and then died!
How this is possible I will show later on.

But being alive and later dead he would be depicted in 2 versions. One being alive with a long gray beard and later on as dead - a skull and bones guy - a corps.
Now look at the pictures:

(Saturn/Kronos/El etc. alive)

(Saturn/Kronos/El being dead. Notice that he kept his scythe to identify him. )

So how was Saturn/Kronos/El live and then die? well it's really easy. How can a planet be alive and then die?
There's only one way. That way is by Saturn being a sun or like a sun sending out light that is really easy to observe from earth without any use of technology. Being dead he ofcourse didn't light up the sky.
It may sound strange but again. Why would all these religions choose the same planet as their cheif deity if it was not at all visible? Saturn have clearly been visible from earth. In fact so visible he would be the chief deity topping off the "regular" sun.
If you look into ancient religion, texts, hymns, stories and symbols you will find that this place called earth presented to you by the establishment looked very different in ancient times than what they want you to believe!
Saturn once was a planet radiating visibly in the sky - then for some reason he died!
The stories about Kronos and the god Saturn are clearly evidence of this. Read these stories on the internet and keep in mind that these stories reflect the gods of the sky - the planets in our solarsystem.

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