søndag den 5. oktober 2008

The Ankh, Anchor, Tau and Cross

Term, symbols and names will often have it's root in Egypt, as Egypt is the home of the "construct". With this I mean the construct of reality - our surroundings.
This being everything from words and sounds, construction of religion and even bulidings.
Everything we have in architecture is based on the knowledge found in Egypt. Even the word "ark" or Arch comes from Egypt.
Here are some interrelated symbols all based on egyptian culture/symbology.

Notice the small difference between the "ankh" and the "anchor".

And then the Tau ("T") cross and the christian cross.

Jesus Crucufixion L.Cranach the Elder 1472

An old saying says: "All roads lead to Rome" but actually when you get to Rome and the Vatican, the road leads on to Egypt!

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