søndag den 7. september 2008

The split in Egypt


About 1400 years B.C. The egyptian religion split into 2 different cults. First there was the Osirian cult but with the Pharao Akhenaton a new cult arose. This cult was the Shem-su-hor, which translates to "the followers of Horus".

Horus is the sun. As you will know from astrology the sun moves from starsign to star sign:


Further you have a watch and this clock will tell you the time of the sun:


Horus being the sun and the son of Isis and Osiris leaves a interchangeability in the pronounciation sUn - sOn. BUT he is not the sun you think he is. It sounds strange, but let me explain later on.

The big question is if the gods ruled the life and here by the whole planet, why would they change religion?

What would cause them to throw out a whole pantheon of gods in favour of one single god?

As planets ruled man and not the other way around it leaves us with a strange question. Did something happen in the sky which we we're never told about, that was lost in time or hidden from humanity?

Or was Akhenaton just a freak who decided to trash the old gods in favor of one single deity?

In religion, myth, secret societies, kaballistic mysticism aso. terms, words and symbols are very important. They are the contruct on wich all is based and not realising this, one will never figure out the real past of humanity. So remenber that Akhenaton worshipped the deity Aten.

Furthermore - would the heavens dictate what happened on earth or would earth dictate what happened in the heavens?

The big question!?!

When establish that ALL the gods of the ancients were actual planets in the heavens, Then who would Osiris and Isis be?

Well according to egyptologists Osiris is located in the starbelt Orion, and some will fuse Isis to the star Sirius. However the intention is not to give you the truth but to throw you off the right path. As it is the egyptian mystery religion is the basis of many cults and if too exposed, it will show the construct of these cults.

I know it may sound obscure me saying the egypthologist are keeping the truth to them selves. But look at it this way:

If the ancients worshiped the planets why find distant dots in the sky to associate their gods with. Out of millions and millions of stars they would choose exactly these stars? - I doubt it!

Using common sense as the guiding line and not fall into the trap of religion it seems much more obvious that the ancients of egypt would worship planets/stars much closer to earth as they would be much bigger and would keep the high priests in awe - especially if seen clearly in the sky.

(Mercury as a planet and god - in the back you can se his celestial symbol)

fredag den 5. september 2008

The dynamic duo - Later trio

The most important religious Characters this world has ever seen is Isis and Osiris. These aincient gods of egypt is the core basis of all religion played out in the world. But ofcourse this is veiled through stories. The truth about these characters is quite obvious to the trained or initiated eye.
As the picture reveals Osiris is the male and Isis the female. The male representing light, the female representing darkness. Isis (which is one of a thousand names) is representet by the 5 pointed star. Osiris though not told by the controlled establishment is the 6 pointed star.
The picture further shows the two opposite aspects of the universe.

Light - darkness
Male - female
Life - death
warm - cold
dry - water

Further Isis represents Words or language And Osiris thought!

Osiris is the "1" - the male.

Isis is the "0" the female.

This is the core of egyptian religion which in it's off-spring is the religions of the world today as seen through time since the "golden" days..

Later Horus was added to the story as the sUn/sOn of Isis and Osiris as told in the ancient storie about the "reincarnation" of Osiris.

Pay attention to this song, and you will MAYBE discover something veiled :-)

The veil of Isis - Veil of religion and the "word"

Occult writer Helena Blavatsky wrote a book called "The veil of Isis". This book was a book read by many profane (not iniciated into the mysteries), but many never seem to understand it. As the title states the whole book is veiled. If you do not know what you're looking for, you will never understand it hence the veil. Further this book shows the core of the esoteric or hidden religion of the elite in the world but again - it's hidden for the uninitiated - veiled.

A veil lets the insider look out at the world while hiding the true identity of a person? However if you know what you are looking for you will see the contours of the "face" behind the veil..

Isis represents a deity, a heavenly body and speech/words.

Deities and their names

As I stated before every god or deity was a reflection of what was seen on the heavens. And the religious cults would inact the scenery in the sky here on earth. If there was a king in heaven there would be a king on earth.
Stories would be fused to the senario playing out in the sky by the planets and the old stories of The religious world came to life.

The oldest dogma seems to have been: "As above so below".

This goes for all the fighting fractions of religion. Take for example the " let thy justice be done here on earth as it is in heaven" in the christian faith. This is to me a clear example of how in christianity the "as above - so below" is formulated.

Horus is known as the son of Osiris and Isis, but who is he?:

Here is venus:

Simon Vouet (1590-1649)
(Notice the black orb she is resting on and ofcourse the 6 pointed star in her diadem/crown)

Understanding the basis for ALL religion

To fully understand any religion of this world, it's very important to understand that all religion is based on the stars. In primortial time man would worship the stars in heaven and base his first religion on these stars. All the stars are the gods of all known religion - period!
Just take a look at the pantheons of old Greece. The stars and the gods shared names. These stars (or planets) would change names in history as man progressed through it.



(astro = stars)
(theology = knowledge)

Now the masters of religion has done a huge job of disguising the true facts of history and religious history. Only people highly iniciated into the mystery religions know all of the true history of the past 5-8000 years of human existance. These different mystery schools holds the key to the true knowledge. From egypt to present day this has been hidden from man.