fredag den 5. september 2008

The dynamic duo - Later trio

The most important religious Characters this world has ever seen is Isis and Osiris. These aincient gods of egypt is the core basis of all religion played out in the world. But ofcourse this is veiled through stories. The truth about these characters is quite obvious to the trained or initiated eye.
As the picture reveals Osiris is the male and Isis the female. The male representing light, the female representing darkness. Isis (which is one of a thousand names) is representet by the 5 pointed star. Osiris though not told by the controlled establishment is the 6 pointed star.
The picture further shows the two opposite aspects of the universe.

Light - darkness
Male - female
Life - death
warm - cold
dry - water

Further Isis represents Words or language And Osiris thought!

Osiris is the "1" - the male.

Isis is the "0" the female.

This is the core of egyptian religion which in it's off-spring is the religions of the world today as seen through time since the "golden" days..

Later Horus was added to the story as the sUn/sOn of Isis and Osiris as told in the ancient storie about the "reincarnation" of Osiris.

Pay attention to this song, and you will MAYBE discover something veiled :-)

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