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The split in Egypt


About 1400 years B.C. The egyptian religion split into 2 different cults. First there was the Osirian cult but with the Pharao Akhenaton a new cult arose. This cult was the Shem-su-hor, which translates to "the followers of Horus".

Horus is the sun. As you will know from astrology the sun moves from starsign to star sign:


Further you have a watch and this clock will tell you the time of the sun:


Horus being the sun and the son of Isis and Osiris leaves a interchangeability in the pronounciation sUn - sOn. BUT he is not the sun you think he is. It sounds strange, but let me explain later on.

The big question is if the gods ruled the life and here by the whole planet, why would they change religion?

What would cause them to throw out a whole pantheon of gods in favour of one single god?

As planets ruled man and not the other way around it leaves us with a strange question. Did something happen in the sky which we we're never told about, that was lost in time or hidden from humanity?

Or was Akhenaton just a freak who decided to trash the old gods in favor of one single deity?

In religion, myth, secret societies, kaballistic mysticism aso. terms, words and symbols are very important. They are the contruct on wich all is based and not realising this, one will never figure out the real past of humanity. So remenber that Akhenaton worshipped the deity Aten.

Furthermore - would the heavens dictate what happened on earth or would earth dictate what happened in the heavens?

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