søndag den 7. september 2008

The big question!?!

When establish that ALL the gods of the ancients were actual planets in the heavens, Then who would Osiris and Isis be?

Well according to egyptologists Osiris is located in the starbelt Orion, and some will fuse Isis to the star Sirius. However the intention is not to give you the truth but to throw you off the right path. As it is the egyptian mystery religion is the basis of many cults and if too exposed, it will show the construct of these cults.

I know it may sound obscure me saying the egypthologist are keeping the truth to them selves. But look at it this way:

If the ancients worshiped the planets why find distant dots in the sky to associate their gods with. Out of millions and millions of stars they would choose exactly these stars? - I doubt it!

Using common sense as the guiding line and not fall into the trap of religion it seems much more obvious that the ancients of egypt would worship planets/stars much closer to earth as they would be much bigger and would keep the high priests in awe - especially if seen clearly in the sky.

(Mercury as a planet and god - in the back you can se his celestial symbol)

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dr doolittle sagde ...

Thanks a bunch. Its about time someone unveil the religious and secret/dark societies.
I like your ideas. Great stuff.
Best regards