fredag den 5. september 2008

The veil of Isis - Veil of religion and the "word"

Occult writer Helena Blavatsky wrote a book called "The veil of Isis". This book was a book read by many profane (not iniciated into the mysteries), but many never seem to understand it. As the title states the whole book is veiled. If you do not know what you're looking for, you will never understand it hence the veil. Further this book shows the core of the esoteric or hidden religion of the elite in the world but again - it's hidden for the uninitiated - veiled.

A veil lets the insider look out at the world while hiding the true identity of a person? However if you know what you are looking for you will see the contours of the "face" behind the veil..

Isis represents a deity, a heavenly body and speech/words.

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at67gr sagde ...

The Book of Revelation (i.e. the Apocalypse) is a complete mystery to most people. It is rarely preached upon today, and seems out of place in the modern world. Yet, it has much to tell us about the past, present, and future.

We must understand that the Apocalypse is Jewish Apocalyptic literature. The word “Apocalypse” in the Greek means “unveiling,” and was the original title of Revelation. Thus, the early church saw it not as “The Revelation of Saint John the Divine,” but “The Apocalypse of Jesus,” as the Lord unveiled heavenly mysteries to John.

The recipients of the Apocalypse were Jewish Christians. They were already familiar with apocalyptic works that described the End of the world using vivid and frightening images of heavenly and earthly battles between demons, angels, monsters, and men. Thus, the apocalypse of John did not seem strange or bizarre to them.

In stark contrast, today we live in a secular world where the supernatural is no longer perceived as all around us. People no longer believe in seven-headed red dragons, monstrous beasts, and devils that look like locust women. This is why it is a bizarre book!

Instead of imposing a futurist, historist, preterist, dispensational, or covenantal structure on the book, the syllabus and lecture series lay aside all preconceived ideas about the Apocalypse to let it unfold itself. By Dr. Robert Morey - 96 pages.